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Take action with TROGARZO®

New, convenient 30 second IV push administration

Take action with TROGARZO®

Is TROGARZO® Right for You?
New, convenient 30 second IV push administration
* TROGARZO® is first administered with a 30-minute loading dose by intravenous (IV) infusion. All subsequent doses can be given in 30 seconds every 2 weeks with the IV push or in 15 minutes every 2 weeks through IV infusion.
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Bringing viral
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To combat HIV-1 when treatment fails, a regimen should be modified as soon as possible to avoid further resistance. The most effective HIV-1 treatment regimen is one that combines three fully active antiretroviral medicines if no fully active drug with a high resistance barrier is available. An active antiretroviral medicine could be a new type you haven’t tried before, like TROGARZO®.

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Download the Discussion Guide to help you start the conversation with your healthcare provider about TROGARZO®. Ensure you are getting the most from your HIV-1 treatment by asking the right questions.

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